Architectural Metalwork Restoration

We specialise in the restoration of architectural metalwork on historic buildings. Working with local councils, national heritage and heritage lottery we have compiled some examples of our work below.

Gran-Canaria-Hotel Window Canopies

Working in the footsteps of Victorian Engineers Trimax has reconstructed these window canopies from solid Zinc. Each and every piece of the canopy has been cut formed and soldered together to form the original shape. We had just what remained of just one very badly corroded canopy to make templates and drawings. Working very closely with heritage this piece was of great architectural and historic interest and needed to be replaced together with a further five for the Grand Canaria Hotel in Folkestone.

Lydd Military Training Camp

We replaced the climbing and abseiling tower hatch which has corroded away due to the sea air.

St. Peter’s Finial Folkestone

From an architect drawing and what remained of the existing finial, we were able to reconstruct a new stainless steel finial which was cut from one piece of duplex stainless by water jet cutting. The difficult part was engineering a method of attaching the new finial to what was left of the old corroded finial shaft protruding from the oak timber. We compiled a method of encapsulated the oak stump with a stainless steel prosthetic sheath which bolted through the timber. This was intern covered in lead and weathered allowing the new finial to slot over the new post which incorporated a new connection for the lightning conductor.

Battle Of Britan Memorial Cash Box

The original cash box built into the brick peer was made from mild steel and had rotted away. We made a replacement one from stainless steel incorporating an internal shoot designed to direct the cash into the box.

Kearsney Abby Bridge

We were asked by Dover district council to look t replacing Victorian railings crossing the bridge in Kearsney Abby. There were many phases of restoration on the bridge, but ascertaining  the original Victorian sections were constructed with a series of interlocking wires through cast iron balls. We managed to reconstruct the same pattern and construction as the original.

Habour Arm Folkestone

During the restoration of the Folkestone Harbour Arm, we designed and manufactured a specialist lifting gantry for the stonemason to precisely position the granite blocks onto the pier.


St. Peter’s Spire Folkestone

After an engineering survey on the spire, the centre main supporting timber was found to be broken, which later transpired to be caused by a bullet from a WW2 German Messerschmitt. To repair the damaged timber we produced two stainless steel splints which clamped the broken timber together and held in place with stainless steel coach bolts. The structure was further secured with four stainless steel tie rods we produced running from top to bottom. We also produced some complicated wedges individually tailored to fit snugly between the tapered beams. In order for the tapered wedges to be aligned and bolted together, we had to produce special drill guides to accurately cross drill the timbers and align the bolts through the wedges.

Copper Candles

Copper candles were remover from St. Peter’s spire Folkestone and given to us for renovation. We remade and silver soldered a new cap to one of the candles which was missing one. The candles were then machine polished and lacquered.

Windows Crittall & Casement

We produce to make and repair Crittlall and Casement windows to most historic buildings. Our services are used by joinery and glazing companies alike.


Window Guards

We produce window guards for historic churches made from stainless steel mesh. Precisely tailored to fit the window exactly and black powder-coated in a semi-gloss so no to reflect or distort light entering the window.


WW 1 Gates And Railings

During the war effort in world war one iron gates and railings were cut down to help the war effort. One of our customers wanted to restore his house to exactly how it was and instructed us to remake the ironwork in accordance with old photographs taken of the property.

Gutter Brackets For A Grade 2 listed Building

These gutter brackets were made to replace broken and corroded ones taken from a grade 2 listed. With one good sample we were able to replicate and make replacements to the same specification.

Church Bell Support Brackets

These brackets and fixings were manufactured to replace the old corroded ones in stainless steel. The bell tower was sited overlooking a harbour and corrosion had taken its toll on all the ironwork.

Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought Iron rails are particularly difficult to repair. When sections are missing and damaged we can manufacture replacement sections that can be bolted into place.