Automotive Metalwork

Trimax offers a range of metalwork services to the automotive trade, professional restorer and DIY motorist. Including bikes, scooters, cars, vans and caravans.



We can repair damaged or dented panels filling unwanted holes and making good. Modifying panels to accept air ducks and intakes. We can also make parts like boot racks to fit onto the panels.

Repairs include straightening bumpers and damaged and corroded bumper sections.

Exhaust Manifolds

We can make a one off manifold to fit a vehicle or batch production.

Exhaust Systems

We can make complete custom exhaust systems to fit any vehicle including  hovercraft , cars, motorcycles and aircraft.

Parts Re-Made

We can re-make vehicle parts including window frames, corner bumpers and exhaust systems.

Petrol Tanks

We can make custom fuel tanks to suite most vehicles.

Motorcycle Petrol Tanks

We can make custom aluminium fuel tanks to fit inside plastic fibreglass tanks. This stops the deterioration due to ethanol in modern fuels.