Zinc Fabrication

Window Canopies


Working in the footsteps of Victorian Engineers Trimax has reconstructed these window canopies from solid Zinc. Each and every piece of the canopy has been cut formed and soldered together to form the original shape.

We had just what remained of just one very badly corroded canopy to make templates and drawings. Working very closely with heritage this piece was of great architectural and historic interest and needed to be replaced together with a further five for the Grand Canaria Hotel in Folkestone.

Table Tops


Zinc sheet can be used to create an industrial look to furniture and we have produced table tops and even bar counters.


Time Capsule


We have used zinc sheet to produce sealed enclosures such as time capsules. Ideal because it can be sealed by soldering at low temperature and will not destroy the contents. Its corrosion resistant and will last a long time. Its soft and ductile so it can be opened easily in the future.


Much More


Zinc is an ideal material for work tops, bar tops, walls, extractor hoods and much more. It can really transform your space and is ideal in in any domestic or commercial space. We can form or make any shape you need the material is very malleable and we can tig weld or solder it together.