Classic Fuel Tanks

Trimax offers a complete design and manufacturing service to classic, vintage and custom car restorers. We are able to reproduce petrol tanks to customer specifications, drawings, photos and patterns.

We can manufacture petrol tanks from steel, stainless steel and alloy for a range of vehicles including hovercraft, boats, cars and bikes.

Fibreglass petrol tanks that are attacked by ethanol. Can have an aluminium tank fabricated to fit inside, so the fuel is no longer in contact with the fibreglass


Austin K5 Military Truck Tank

Austin 12 Tank

Jowett Tank

Mercedes G Wagon Tank

Porsche 924 Tank

Daimler Armoured Car Tank 

Renault Alpine Tank

Honda CB175 Fibreglass Inner Aluminium Tank

Suzuki Fibreglass Inner Aluminium Tank 

WW2 Morris C8 quad gun tractor

Custom Tanks